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ANZSCO Codes for CDR Report

The Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) is a system that organizes all occupations and employments accessible in the Australian and New Zealand labor markets based on skills. It is intended to assist candidates in deciding on an engineering occupation by providing examples of engineering units and job duties for each occupation. Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment requires this.

ANZSCO for Engineer Migration to Australia is a skill-based categorization that is used to identify all engineering occupations and jobs in the Australian and New Zealand labor markets. To do so, ANZSCO has defined a set of engineering jobs that include all engineering positions in the Australian and New Zealand labor markets. For statistical and other sorts of analysis, ANZSCO for Engineer Migration to Australia classifies these occupations based on their characteristics and groups them into gradually broader categories depending on their similarity.

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Engineers Australia ANZSCO Authorities

Engineers Australia Skilled Migration has designated evaluating authority for particular professions or professional unit groups. The Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupation (ANZSCO) is used to see if you’re qualified for Australian immigration based on your profession. ANZSCO also gathers, publishes, and analyzes occupational statistics for a variety of government ministries. An ANZSCO code is assigned to each occupation that focuses on several occupation titles and sub-types in the sector.

Why is ANZSCO Code required?

Engineers who are applying for an Engineers Australia Migration Skill Assessment must provide a CDR report for Engineer Migration to Australia for a particular ANZSCO Code that relates to their occupational responsibilities and obligations. It is essential to select the most appropriate ANZSCO codes in order to receive a positive Engineers Australia Migration Skill Assessment. When selecting ANZSCO codes for Engineer Migration to Australia, candidates must read the description of work responsibilities associated with each ANZSCO Code. If their job experience and professional responsibilities and obligations align with a certain ANZSCO code, they should choose that ANZSCO code for the Engineers Australia Skills Assessment process.

The ANZSCO codes information is meant to help applicants recommend an engineering occupation by providing an example of each occupation’s job duties. For example, the ANZSCO Code for Chemical Engineer is 233211. In this instance, you’ll need to demonstrate your Chemical Engineering qualifications and experience in a Career Episode for Engineers Australia migration skills assessment.

Tips for Choosing an Appropriate ANZSCO Code

When choosing a specific occupation in ANZSCO for the Engineers Australia skills assessment, there are a few important things to keep in mind. How would you go about choosing the correct code for your occupation?

  • First and foremost, you must determine whether you meet all of the Engineers Australia criteria for the employment you have chosen, including the work experience requirements.
  • If you believe you have rewarding work experience and would receive a positive skill assessment for it, you should carefully review the list. Examine whether you completed a few or the majority of the tasks assigned by the assessing authority.
  • In no situation should you rely on professional work experience to earn points on the points test. Determine which of the skills assessing authority’s requirements must be met.
  • Find out what the minimal education requirement is for a skill in your sector, and if you need a formal degree to do the job.
  • If you have international qualifications, find out which AQF (Australian Qualification Framework) qualifications are applicable. As a result, a bachelor’s degree from any foreign institution cannot be used to replace an Australian undergraduate degree.
  • Most importantly, you must choose an ANZSCO code that is closely related to your job experience when completing an Engineers Australia skills assessment.

ANZSCO Codes for Engineers Australia

Engineering Manager

ANZSCO 133211

Chemical Engineer

ANZSCO 233111

Material Engineer

ANZSCO 233112

Civil Engineer

ANZSCO 233211

Geotechnical Engineer

ANZSCO 233212

Structural Engineer

ANZSCO 233214

Transport Engineer

ANZSCO 233215

Electrical Engineer

ANZSCO 233311

Electronics Engineer

ANZSCO 233411

Industrial Engineer

ANZSCO 233511

Mechanical Engineer

ANZSCO 233512

Production Engineer

ANZSCO 233513

Mining Engineer

ANZSCO 233611

Petroleum Engineer

ANZSCO 233612

Aeronautical Engineer

ANZSCO 233911

Agricultural Engineer

ANZSCO 233912

Biomedical Engineer

ANZSCO 233913

Engineering Technologist

ANZSCO 233914

Environmental Engineer

ANZSCO 233915

Naval Architect

ANZSCO 233916

Engineering Professionals

ANZSCO 233999

Telecommunication Engineer

ANZSCO 263311

Telecommunications Network Engineer

ANZSCO 263312

Civil Engineering Draftsperson

ANZSCO 312211

Electrical Engineering Draftsperson

ANZSCO 312311

Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson

ANZSCO 312511

Building and Engineering Technician

ANZSCO 312999

Telecommunications Field Engineers

ANZSCO 313212

Telecommunications Network Planner

ANZSCO 313213

Telecommunications Technical Officer

ANZSCO 313214

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